Kylie Jenner was a no-show at Tyga's birthday party yesterday, which also coincided with the release of the "Rich $ex" video, which featured a steamy dalliance between Future and Blac Chyna. The reason for young Jenner's absence is now apparent -- she reportedly dumped the 26-year-old rapper earlier this week.

Their relationship lasted for 14 months, though it wasn't "official" until Jenner turned 18 in August. According to Hollywood Life, she ended her relationship with Tyga because he allegedly Facetimed a stripper. TMZ reports that she had been facing "pressure from the Kardashians" to cut ties.

The entire Jenner clan was absence from Tyga's birthday party, and Kylie's older sister Kendall left an apparent message for Tyga on her Instagram page.

What athlete or rapper will Kylie Jenner link up with next?