Kylie Jenner has created a brand that has earned her the cover of Forbes magazine, a most prestigious business publication. Being part of the Kardashian/Jenner clans entails receiving a lot of criticism in the sphere of public scrutiny. Somehow, this 20-year-old turned this attention and fame, derived from her older sisters' efforts, into a booming business. Kylie Cosmetics launched with a $29 lip kit in 2015, which sold out immediately, and has since turned into an empire. The young mother's business is valued at $800 million by Forbes. 100% of this amount is owned by the reality television star. Her fortune amounts to $900 million when her earnings from television appearances and product endorsements, including Puma, are taken into consideration along with $60 million worth of after-tax dividends acquired through her company. This makes Kylie Jenner the youngest addition to the ranking of America's Richest Self-Made Women. In comparison, Kim Kardashian West's is estimated to have a value of $350 million.

If Jenner continues on this path, she will become the youngest self-made billionaire, cutting off Mark Zuckerberg who was 23 years old when he attained this financial milestone. The Kylie Cosmetics success, however, was born out of an online fascination with the founder's artificially enhanced lips. The star will likely face challenges in upholding her empire's growth as her audience becomes accustomed to her new face. The sales for her lip kits have already dipped by 35% last year.