Recently, we reported that Kylie Jenner had some fun with her ''Rise and Shine'' anthem. She created memes, Tik-Tok videos and even started making merchandise with the logo. Ariana Grande helped with the meme break-out, and her ex Tyga unintentionally participated in the hype by trolling her on Instagram.

Rick Kern/Getty Images

Kylie Jenner is now turning the slogan into a brand. Kylie already has a highly successful cosmetics brand, which started this whole ''Rise and Shine'' trend in the first place. She was giving her fans a tour of Kylie Cosmetics HQ, and a few seconds of that 16-min video went viral when she stopped to sing to her daughter, ''Rise and Shine.'' The hashtag #RiseandShine thrived on social media and even broke a record on Tik-Tok. It reportedly hit 4 million interactions on the same day, and then 7 million the next. By the end of the week, over a billion interactions were made with the hashtag, which made it the app's fastest-growing trend.

According to TMZ, the 22-year old business-woman capitalized on the trend by making merchandise and filing to trademark the use of the slogan “RIIISE AND SHIIINNEE” on different pieces of clothing, including pants, dresses, belts, shoes, headwear, scarves, jackets, swimsuits, underwear, cosmetics and more.

It's obvious why she's the youngest self-made billionaire right now. Kylie Jenner doesn't let any business opportunity pass her by.