Before Kylie Jenner became the self-made billionaire she is today, the star was bubbling as a young entrepreneur, utilizing her family's power, success, and fame to propel her own goals and aspirations. Jenner was selected as the chosen one to take over after Kim Kardashian's reign at the top ended and she's been setting herself up nicely for that position. The mother-of-one has been having a relatively rough year, falling out with her best friend Jordyn Woods and breaking up with her boyfriend Travis Scott, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the way she's behaving. Just hours after reports started claiming that she and Scott had taken a break on their relationship, the reality star was spotted at the studio with none other than her ex-boyfriend Tyga.

Keep in mind that nearly all sources are claiming that Travis and Kylie simply fell out over a lack of trust. The two had been in their "honeymoon stage" for a long time and once they shot back to reality, they realized that they may not be right for each other. So, what's the first thing that Kylie did? She drove over to T-Raw to catch up with her old buddy/lover. 

Of course, social media has been reacting wildly to the news of their reunion, speculating on what they spoke about, how they plan on continuing their relationship, and more nonsense. How do you feel about this? Are you surprised?