It’s apparently not a good week to be dating a Kardashian. First Tristan, now Travis? According to a report from TMZ, Travis had to postpone his "AstroWorld" concert in Buffalo Thursday night to work through some relationship issues with Kylie Jenner. Reports surfaced earlier saying Travis was “sick” and had to cancel the show, but the news outlet heard otherwise and that Travis stayed back in L.A. after Kylie accused him of cheating.

Reps for Travis say the rapper absolutely denies cheating on Kylie, but that’s not what she believes. Apparently Travis flew back to the East Coast on Wednesday to surprise Kylie & their daughter Stormi, but things took a turn for the worse when Kylie accused Travis of cheating. She claims to have discovered "evidence" he cheated on her, and a huge fight broke out last night between the two, which continued into Thursday. 

It’s unclear what kind of "evidence" she found, but apparently it's serious enough to make these bold accusations in the same week her older sister just got her heart broken by her baby daddy, Tristan Thompson. 

Talk about a rough couple of week for Kylie. First, her best friend, Jordyn Woods, is out of her life after she slept with her older sister's boyfriend, and now she's dealing with Travis.

We'll continue to keep you posted on this developing story moving forward. Stay tuned.