Kyler Murray is a fascinating athlete because he is essentially forced to choose between two sports. Murray was drafted by the Oakland A's and has signed a multi-million dollar contract with them. However, Murray also most recently won the Heisman Trophy and could stand to make a lot more money in the NFL. The quarterback has applied for the NFL Draft and will most likely go high in the first round. Being so good at two sports is a gift and a curse and no one has experienced that sentiment like Murray.

Leading up to the Super Bowl this Sunday, TV commentator Dan Patrick has had multiple football-related guests come up to his show and on Friday, Murray was one of them. While Murray is used to being asked about choosing one sport over the other, this time was a little bit more awkward than the others as Murray remained quiet and reluctant to answer questions for the majority of the interview.

At one point, Patrick asks Murray who his inspirations are and Murray quipped back asking for which sport, as he didn't want to give any hints through his answer. Check out the video above to see the entire interview in all of its awkward glory.

The NFL Draft will go down on April 25th so we should know by then what Murray plans to do with the rest of his career.