Nearly two years after blowing up with his multi-platinum hit “iSpy,” Kyle is arriving with a full-length project in the form of Light of Mine. It was late last month that the rapper announced the project’s arrival date, setting it for May 18th, and now he’s returned with a full track list for the effort.

In total, Light of Mine is held down with fifteen tracks. You’ll find previously released cuts including the aforementioned “iSpy” with Lil Yachty, his solo “To the Moon,” the Kehlani-assisted “Playinwitme," and the most recently released “Ikuyo,” featuring 2 Chainz and Sophia Black.

In September of last year, Kyle revealed to HNHH that his next project would be centered on overcoming depression, explaining that it would be structured like a book of sorts, providing a deeper chapter the further you go along.

"Most people have perceived my brand and my personality as this guy that just is so happy, he has no cares in the world. I think that especially now with "iSPY" they don't really see the whole picture,” he explained. “This album is kind of a step-by-step instructional guideline of how I overcame my depression, and how you can overcome yours, if you just listen to my story and hear my experiences.”

On the project, you’ll also find an appearance from Alessia Cara who, alongside Khalid, has experience with penning resonating tracks about mental health, and legendary a cappella group Take 6 with a look on the second track “Coming, Going?”

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