It happens to the best of us. A first impression gone awry, leaving us reflecting for days to come. What might have been done better? In reality, such thoughts are futile. One cannot change the past, and for the most part, one's awkward behavior will be immortalized in the vaults for all eternity. Still, that doesn't mean you can't laugh at yourself. In fact, that's often the wisest course of action; anything less will ultimately lead down a dangerous road of self-flagellation. Luckily, Kyle Smiles has never been one to take himself too seriously.

The rapper recently found himself crossing paths with the legendary Ice Cube, who took the time to link up for a photo session. Affable guy that he is, Kyle decided to go in for the buddy-buddy shoulder lean, prompting Cube to rebuff the effort. "Don't do that man," says Cube, shaking his head like only he can. Kyle immediately changes his stance, opting for a more traditional pose. Sadly, the damage was already done. 

Kyle took to Instagram to share a playback of the encounter, complete with a welcome dose of self-deprecating commentary. "Yep, I really fu*ked that up," muses Kyle, during a slow-zoom. "Now I'll never be in the new Friday movie. Wow, I am dumb." Keep your head up Kyle. At least you found yourself in the same circle as Cube in the first place.