Heading into Game 5 of the NBA Finals, the Toronto Raptors had a huge opportunity to win their first ever NBA Title and they could have done so on home court. In the end, though, the Raptors ended up losing the game by a score of 106-105 and had an incredible chance to win it at the last second. Unfortunately for the Raptors and their fans, the final shot of the game was missed by Kyle Lowry who has received some criticism in the past for his performance in the playoffs. 

As Lowry explained after the game, his shot was actually tipped at the hands of Draymond Green and that's why it landed so far off the mark. This tip wasn't exactly evident though when watching the game at home, so the armchair analysts on Twitter were quick to get at Lowry with some less than favorable memes at his expense. 

Whether these memes are fair or not is a different story, although you have to admit that a lot of them are pretty funny. When it comes to the finals, Lowry has been rock solid for the Raptors and will need him to have a great game on Thursday if they want to secure that first title.