Less than a week after DeMar DeRozan was traded to the San Antonio Spurs for Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry is still not happy about losing his best friend. 

In an ESPN video, Kyle Lowry responds to questions about DeRozan not just with anger or sadness, but by ignoring them or giving what amounted to joke answers. When asked if he spoke to Kawhi Leonard, Lowry simply said "I don't know," a response that brings to mind Lil' Wayne's famous "I do not recall" and "he can't save you." Although thankfully Kyle didn't take it to that level, saying that"when it's the time I have to be there and go to work, I'll be ready." 

It's understandable that Lowry isn't taking kindly to the line of questioning after what the Raptors management put DeRozan through. The team's GM, Masai Ujiri, told DeRozan and his agent that they wanted to go forward with him on the team before turning around and trading him. Ujiri calls what happened a "gap in communication," an account that DeRozan refutes.

The interview with Lowry was conducted at a USA Basketball event, which DeRozan was also attending and the two got some time to reconnect. When asked about seeing DeRozan at the even, Lowry said "He's my best friend. It's a normal day for us. It's always great to be around my best friend."

Watch the interview with Lowry below: