Kyle Kuzma's SUV was stolen, early Sunday morning, and taken on a high-speed chase around Hollywood, sources have informed TMZ. By the end of the pursuit, the driver rammed into a cop car and sent an officer to the hospital to treat minor injuries.

The driver of the Chevy Tahoe crashed into a gate at Belmont High School around 1:30 AM. The suspect was then taken into police custody and hit with numerous charges. They were also taken to a hospital to be treated with an apparent leg injury.

TMZ reports that it remains unclear where the SUV was stolen from, whether it be Kuzma's house or somewhere else.

Kyle Kuzma, SUV
Sam Greenwood / Getty Images

News of Kuzma's tough luck comes days after the former Laker was traded to the Wizards in exchange for Russell Westbrook.

Kuzma recently reflected on his time in Los Angeles with an Instagram post, Friday, thanking the city for welcoming him.

"Lakeshow we’ve had a journey. I was 21 and just a young pup coming here and you guys opened up your arms openly and accepted me into the LA community!" he wrote in the post.

He concluded: "I wouldn’t change anything about my journey everything has been a lesson to me! Ive learned the game of basketball from some of the best players to ever do it on earth while being in LA and now it’s time for me to get out there and really spread my wings and be who I say I am💯….LUV LA I’m a laker for life.