Kyle Kuzma has been having an inconsistent season with the Los Angeles Lakers and as a result, he has been the subject of numerous trade rumors and speculation. Despite this, Kuzma has done his best to avoid all of the noise and make his own way. The Lakers have been one of the best teams in the league this season and Kuzma's role has certainly helped them on their journey to first in the Western Conference.

Last night, the Lakers defeated the Phoenix Suns by a score of 125-100. Kuzma only scored nine points in the game but two of the points were truly hilarious. In the clip below, Kuzma is going to the basket when all of a sudden he get fouled. At the last second, he chucks the ball into the air in what seemed to be an unintentional move. Sure enough, the ball went in and Kuzma got an extra shot at the free-throw line. 

Kuzma seemed amused by the basket as all he could do was laugh. While it may not mean much, perhaps this accidental bucket will give him some more confidence moving forward. The young star is coming off of an ankle injury and he could use all of the reinforcement necessary to get his rhythm back.