LeBron James and Michael Jordan have been compared ever since the former came into the league back in 2003. Many felt as though LeBron could come in and be the next Jordan, despite Kobe Bryant already being right there with three championships. At this point in his career, LeBron has accomplished almost everything you can in the sport and the Jordan comparisons continue to loom over him like a massive cloud.

Recently, Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson of Heavy.com spoke to LeBron's teammate, Kyle Kuzma, about these comparisons and whether or not Kobe is more comparable to Jordan than LeBron is. Kuzma's answer was fairly diplomatic as he asked people to simply appreciate greatness when they see it.

Elsa/Getty Images

"They’re all three different players. Obviously Jordan and Kobe played more alike, but you really can’t compare them all," Kuzma said. "It kinda sucks to compare them because you can’t enjoy what they bring to the game, everything that they brought to it, and their impact. If you compare ‘em. Me, I don’t really compare people I just really enjoy really each other’s greatness."

Kuzma certainly makes a good point as you never know how long these players have before retirement. At some point, LeBron will retire and we will have debated his greatness so much that it will have passed us by. The GOAT debate will never go away although sometimes, it's just better to appreciate a player for what they've accomplished on their own terms.