Kyle Kuzma is one of the most scrutinized players in the entire NBA and over the years, the scrutiny and the slander has steadily gotten worse. At the start of his career, Kuzma was perceived as a player who could one day be one of the best young players in the entire NBA. Once LeBron James and Anthony Davis touched down in Los Angeles, Kuzma's role with the Lakers was diminished, and since that time, he hasn't looked like the same player.

Now, Kuzma's future in Los Angeles is up in the air, and with this in mind, numerous reports and rumors are floating around in regards to Kuzma and how he perceives himself within the league. For instance, on the “The Lakerside Chats” podcast, reporter Eric Pincus revealed that Kuzma believes he is a similar talent to Jayson Tatum.

Kyle Kuzma

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

“I think that Kyle Kuzma perceives himself as someone like Jayson Tatum,” Pincus explained. “I think that’s how he views himself. And that’s great. You should view yourself as one of the best young players in the league.”

Unfortunately for Kuzma, this belief isn't exactly being taken well by other NBA fans. In the tweets below, you can see that some fans believe that Kuzma is delusional here and that there is no way he is as good as someone like Tatum. At this point, their salaries reflect a large discrepancy between the two, however, it's good to see Kuzma is still confident in himself.

You can check out some of the reactions, below.