Kyle Kuzma has received a ton of scrutiny this season due to his play on the court down the stretch. The Los Angeles Lakers star has failed to become that solid third scoring option for the Lakers, and some fans are starting to grow impatient. In some ways, Kuzma has regressed with the Lakers, and there are now reports that he could be traded in the offseason if the Lakers find a suitable trade partner. After all, the Lakers need a third star, and Kuzma could be a piece worth moving for the right price. 

Today, an interesting development was revealed in the Kuzma saga as a fan pointed out that Kuzma has officially taken the Lakers out of his Instagram bio. This same move was done by Dennis Schroder just a few weeks ago, and as it stands, Schroder is also on the negative end of some Lakers rumors.

While Kuzma could be doing this simply as a way to clean up his social media, it seems a little bizarre that he's doing it now especially since the offseason just started. Needless to say, Kuzma has only added fuel to the speculative fire with this small gesture.

As for the fans, they seem pretty amused by the whole thing, and some Lakers fans are even celebrating the move. In the tweets below, you can see some NBA fans hoping for Kuzma to leave L.A. for good as they feel like the Lakers would be better without him.

Let us know if you think Kuzma will be donning the purple and gold next year, in the comments below.

Kyle Kuzma

Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images