Kyle Kuzma has been through a lot of ups and downs during his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. When he first started out with the team, he was one of the franchise's number one options on offense. Once LeBron James and Anthony Davis arrived in town, Kuzma was forced to take a step back which didn't exactly work so well in his favor. Kuzma struggled to find his footing within the Lakers rotation and it led to some bad games that had Lakers fans on his head.

Throughout the offseason, there have been various rumors surrounding Kuzma, however, it all came to a climax on Thursday as Kuzma was traded to the Washington Wizards in a package deal that brought Russell Westbrook to Los Angeles. Montrezl Harrell and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are the two other Lakers players who were traded in the deal.

Kyle Kuzma

Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Now, some are wondering what Kuzma's role will be in the Wizards offense as he will be paired up with the likes of Bradley Beal. Recently, the Ball Don't Stop Twitter account, known for lamenting the importance of "pure hoopers," offered praise for Kuzma noting that he is a beast with the ball when placed in the proper situation.

Kuzma agreed with the sentiment as he quote-tweeted the post saying "Laugh now cry later" with some praying hand emojis. Needless to say, Kuzma wants to prove all of his haters wrong this season, and rightfully so.

If Kuzma can get back to his old ways in Washington, then he will certainly be back in the good graces of NBA fans. For the sake of Wizards fans, we hope he does it.