Kyle Kuzma has long been the victim of slander. Aside from him though, lots of NBA players have been used as punchlines in lyrics for songs.

Kuzma made this realization on Nov. 19, and tweeted about how these shots from rappers are sickening: "The amount of shade rappers throw at NBA players in their music is sickening lol."

The replies to the tweet were full of bars from rappers directed at NBA players. Whether it be Tony Snell, Ben Simmons, Paul George, Draymond Green or Kendrick Perkins, every ball player was susceptible.

Benny The Butcher responded to Kuzma's tweet saying rappers like him usually cite NBA players as inspiration, and will put a Kuzma bar in one of is verses soon: "Yea I admit this look bad. we big y’all up too we jus inspired either way…I got a positive @kylekuzma bar on the way."

Kyle Kuzma has found a resurgence this season, as his Wizards have started the season well. They currently sit at second place in the Eastern Conference, with Kuzma averaging 13.6 ppg and 9 rpg. 

So, while Kuzma is having success on the court, he hopes that rappers could use his name and other NBA players' names in good faith. It seems that he has already convinced Benny The Butcher to do so.

Perhaps Kyle's tweet has already brought about change in rappers' approach to including NBA players in their songs.

Check out Kuzma's tweet below