Kyle Daydreams About A Better Life In Wiz Khalifa Assisted "Moment" Video

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October 22, 2018 15:17

The track comes off "The After Party" soundtrack.

Kyle has dropped off his latest visual treatment that shows love to his debut acting role in Netflix's The After Party. The Wiz Khalifa assisted track "Moment" comes off the flick's official soundtrack and the video sees Kyle having a shitty day at his movie theatre job and finds himself daydreaming about a better life and having his "moment." Unfortunately, by the end of the video, Kyle snaps back into reality and is still working at the cinema, but the fantasy was a real one. 

"I think there’s so many kids out there who were like me when I was KYLE trying to be a rapper that had these big ass dreams and no one really supports them," Kyle said of his Netflix film. "Everybody told me I wasn’t gonna do what I was gonna do. I think there’s kids out there who are gonna watch this movie and be inspired to be like, “Fuck what anybody says about me. I’m gonna go do it."

One of Kyle's latest musical releases had him linked up with Madeintyo on the single  “SuperDuperKyle." When the song dropped, Kyle wrote a note to his fans: “I know y’all wish I was more controversial, but I don’t plan on talking shit about people or saying/doing wild shit to promote myself. I just wanna make hot music and be a good person."

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