It's been a long time since Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, Royce Da 5'9", and KXNG Crooked  -- who were once famously united as Slaughterhouse -- rapped on the same track. In fact, many have been clamoring for a full-scale Slaughterhouse reunion for years now, especially given that the group's long-lost studio album remains tucked away in the Shady Records vault.

Though years have passed since the group's disbandment, hope has yet to fade, and for good reason. Every so often, a member will throw out a little teaser of sorts, which in turn takes shape into something far bigger. For what it's worth, Joell Ortiz and KXNG Crooked appear open to the idea, with the former having recently suggested a full-scale return to the booth. KXNG Crooked also opened the door with an open invite to his former group-mates, imploring them to reach out over the weekend. 


Johnny Nunez/WireImage/Getty Images 

Evidently, Joell and Crook's suggestions may have been exactly what the doctor ordered.  Crook confirmed that a Slaughterhouse phone call, albeit a fragmented one, did take place over the weekend. Though he didn't discuss specifics, he did take a moment to update fans about how it all went down.

"Joell called me first, me and him chopped it up," says Crook, while The Firm's Dre-produced "Phone Tap" bumps in the background. "Then apparently Royce called Joe, they chopped it up. Joe called Joell, him and Joell chopped it up. Then Joell called me back. So that's what happened. It's Monday. I gave them until the weekend to make something happen. Did they do it? I'm kinda scratching my head like what does this mean?" He laughs. "Ya'll tell me."

Check out Crook's recap of the Slaughterhouse sort-of reunion, and sound off if you think there's even a slight chance that the mighty quartet will rise once again.