It's been a minute since KXNG Crooked first blessed his fans with the "Hip-Hop Weekly" series. In fact, the original run took place between 2007 and 2008, and found Crooked destroying all manner of then-popular instrumentals. Of course, given his pedigree as an elite lyricist, Crook tended to outshine many of the original authors, on a strictly per-bar basis. Yet eventually, the first run of "Hip-Hop Weekly" came to an end, and Crooked eventually set his sights on trading bars with Royce, Joell, and Joe Budden in Slaughterhouse. Despite briefly relaunching the series for a fifteen-week run, Crook eventually retired his weekly drop, an absence that continued for eight long years.

Now, it would appear that Crook is mounting a comeback. The rapper took to Twitter to announce the imminent return of "Hip-Hop Weekly," which bodes well for those in a perpetual "bar-seeking" state. "Feels good to know that everybody who supports my music is about to go on a ride with me and the Weeklys again," writes Crook, prompting an onslaught of comment section gratitude.

While Crook has yet to reveal the launch date, it's certainly good news, especially given the gradually fading memory of the "mixtape era." Be sure to keep an eye out for Crook's revamped series, and check out our exclusive interview with the rapper right here