The case on Kurupt and his estranged wife is still ongoing. The last we posted on the matter was that Jovan Brown was seeking $14,000 per month in spousal support, claiming that Kurupt left her high and dry after finding out she had cancer. Jovan claims her husband left her in a time of need after she apparently helped him with business matters such as booking deals, hotels, and travel.

The Blast is now reporting that the "C-Walk" rapper denies the allegations saying her cancer diagnosis happened long after they were separated and he did help her with some medical expenses. Jovan claims they separated in 2017, but Kurupt says they ended in 2010 and she even had a new boyfriend, ex-NBA star Gary Payton.

The documents obtained by the publication say that Kurupt is calling bullshit on her claims of working to make him an established artist, saying he was already making money moves before they met. He even says she would steal his money and deposit royalties in her personal accounts. He is asking the court to deny her request for spousal and legal support saying he “absolutely did not terminate Respondent upon learning of her diagnosis."