Some fans will do just about anything to obtain just a piece of their favorite artist. We've seen auction blocks rake in millions from selling items such as poems, letters, silverware, vehicles, furniture, and clothing from the rich and famous, but recently, it was six strands of hair that captured the attention of Nirvana fans.

It was back in 1994 when Nirvana icon Kurt Cobain lost his life in a reported suicide—an event that has gone down in conspiracy theory history. As fans worldwide continue to debate whether or not the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" artist was murdered or took his own life, one lucky person has recently purchased a few strands of the late singer's hair for an exorbitant amount of money.

According to TMZ, six strands of Cobain blond locks were sold by Iconic Auctions for $14,145. The approximately 2.5-inch strands were reportedly snipped as Cobain received a haircut during his 1989 "Bleach" tour. The singer was reportedly getting his hair trimmed by his friend Tessa Osbourne and the winning bidder also took home photos from the meet-up. In the picture, Osbourne poses alongside Cobain while holding his hair in her hand.

It's reported that Osbourne gave the strands to a Seattle artist before that person handed them over to a "historic hair" collector. Last June, one of Cobain's guitars fetched over $6 million at auction. If you're into looking at famous people's hair strands, you can check out a photo below.