Just days after forcing a trade out of New York, Kristaps Porzingis delivered his farewell messages to Knickerbocker fans. The reality of the situation is that Porzingis wants to play in an NBA city where his cornerstone potential is properly acknowledged. When the Knicks' front office decided to wait things out before committing to Porzingis longterm, they seemingly lost the plot right then and there.

There's also the alternate view of the situation, where Knicks' fans of the "glass half full" mindset are sworn to believe the team did good business in parting with Porzingis and gearing up for free agency - an opinion of valor if you don't account for Kristaps' feelings of inadequacy throughout his rehabilitation from injury. So, regardless of where you stand on the issue, Kristaps is offering all-comers a vote sympathy.

"The city deserves better than that.... My suggestion for Knicks fans is to STAY WOKE!! Peace," he wrote on his Instagram storyboard, which evidently started as something of a tribute to his new teammate and idol Dirk Nowitzki. In fact, many in-and-around the NBA believe it was on Dirk's suggestion, that Mark Cuban & management brokered the deal for Kristaps but a few hours after his trade demands went public. So in closing, Kristaps Porzingis demanded his trade because the Knicks' lacked ambition, like any other ill-seed in history to expose a major flaw in the system.