Kreayshawn definitely isn't lacking haters, and Harlem native and up & coming artist Azealia Banks seems to have added herself to the list.

Yesterday on Twitter Kreayshawn tweeted the visuals for Azealia Banks' track "212," and Azealia Banks hit her back with unfriendly words, saying, "you think you're funny? you're a dumb bitch. And you can't rap. I'll sit on your face. ... Fall back slut."

Kreayshawn responded, confused by Banks' response: "Did I just get smashed on twitter because I was supporting a fellow female? I sure did... *confused*," she tweeted, "Come on you mad because I retweeted your link? Because I like your music? Pffff get outta here! Not a fan anymore."

Kreayshawn has since deleted the tweet for the video of Banks' song.

Azealia Banks is one out of five people that Kanye West follows on Twitter, and he has called her the "future of music," however she is unsigned for now.

Check out the video for "212" below.