Not many complain over the Kardashian's constant flow of sexy photos on Instagram. Even if you despise the family, you have to admit they all look damn good. Since they love to show off their curves with every chance they get, it was seemingly harmless when Kourtney Kardashian uploaded a photo of herself in a thong bikini, flaunting her famous Kardashian booty. While we're sure he wouldn't have minded receiving the photo in his DM's, Kourt's boyfriend Younes Bendjima seemed to take issue with how revealing the photo was, commenting some shade before deleting his post.

Relaying many of our thoughts about the Kardashians on a daily basis, Younes wrote, "thats what you need to show to get likes?" on the photo. On one hand, yes, that is absolutely what she needs to show to get likes. The family has basically made a brand out of their looks and they make money off of looking good. On the other hand, Bendjima is likely feeling a little jealous after dating Kourtney since October, hoping she would keep some things private. The 39-year-old Kardashian is noticeably more reserved on social media when compared to her sisters Kim and Kylie who will share just about anything on the 'gram. At the end of the day, Younes was probably just playing around with his girlfriend but the deletion of the post leaves things a little cloudy.

Fans of the famous clique have since flocked to his comments section, repeating his exact sentiments on his most revealing photos. Turnabout is fair play, I guess?