Kourtney Kardashian was spotted, along with the rest of her family, on the Indonesian island of Bali wearing a Fendi bathing suit (see photos here) that showed off both her body and bank account. By her side was her notorious (to those who've watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians) ex, Scott Disick who is the father of her three children Mason, Penelope and Reign. Apparently, the two are not romantically involved at all, but have an amicable relationship that allows them to be co-parents and for Disick to have cameos in the Kardashian family's reality show (which is what they were filming in Bali). 

The co-parents/exes have both been rumoured to be dating 20-year-olds in recent months (Kardashian 39 and Disick 35). Kourtney is rumoured to be dating actor/fashion-world scene guy Luka Sabbat and Disick is seeing the model Sofia Richie. 

It's important to remember that years ago Scott Disick paid to become the lord of a small patch of land on an oil rig called "Sealand" whose owners claim it's a sovereign nation. They have "issued passports to its nationals, minted official currency and commissioned its own stamps." The "country's" shop section has options of becoming a lord, count or duke with prices at 30, 200 and 500 pounds respectively. Disick is a lord.