Bieber has been putting serious moves on Kourtney, the 37-year-old Kardashian MILF who usually takes up less of the spotlight than her sisters. After rumored to be hooking up on and off in 2016, the pair made its first public appearance of 2017 at The Peppermint Club in Hollywood last night.

Rumor has it that the date was Kourtney's direct attempt to incite envy in her baby father, Scott Disick. He reportedly hates when she sees the Biebs. He must be reeling after seeing pics of Kourt's latest rendezvous with the 22-year-old heartthrob. She went out wearing a bra that left her nipples fully exposed, and she didn't bother trying to button up her blazer. One can imagine where Bieber's eyes were for most of the night. 

As for her intentions behind the provocative outfit, Kourtney was reportedly feeling some typa way about Scott accompanying her sister to Dubai, where Kim has embarked on a number of different ventures, including a huge seminar with her make-up artist about their work together. Scott returned to L.A. last night. Conceivably, he could have caught the first plane out upon seeing Kourtney revealing herself to the paps ... and to the Biebs. 

Kourtney and Scott have three children together, their latest one birthed in Dec. 2014. There have been recent reports of them trying to salvage their relationship for the kids, but clearly they're playing some dangerous games right now. And Kourtney has the trump card with the slight Canadian in her pocket. 

Check out some photos of Kourtney's eye-popping attire below via Twitter, or see some HQ shots via the Daily Mail