Broward County rapper Koly P was allegedly shot yesterday evening. We know this first hand because he live-streamed the entire ambulance ride to the hospital, where he received treatment. While information remains hard to come by, the brief exchange captured on video is quite telling. The paramedic in the ambulance asks Koly P to describe the degree of pain he is sensing. "This is my third time being shot," Koly answers, kind of haphazardly.

"Really? In the same neighborhood?" the paramedic then responds. "You better get out."

"I've been shot in my stomach," Koly P then continues while visibly in pain. "I’ve been shot in my hand."

“Damn, bro. Why do they keep shooting you like that?” the paramedic asks again. Koly P winces back at the first responder before the video cuts off.

A write up in the SunSentinel confirms that only P's injuries did, in fact, stem from a gun wound to the hand. The Sentinel contacted P's family and friends, who later confirmed that his condition had stabilized under the care of the hospital.

Koly P, formerly known asKolyon is a prominent member of the Broward County music scene that also boasts such luminaries as Kodak Black or Ski Mask The Slump God, and the late XXXTentacion. Check out the video from ambulance ride, right below.