Kodie Shane Concocts Hybrid Soft Drink Potions On "Snack Review"

Mitch Findlay
May 24, 2019 12:02

Kodie Shane, the mad, chicken-loving scientist.

Sometimes, a feast is the only option. Such is the way of "Snack Review," the latest series to grace our illustrious channel. Today marks the debut appearance of Kodie Shane, adventurous in her dining ways to a meticulous degree.

Upon buying a massive collection of beverages and snacks, Kodie Shanes takes a moment to get alchemical with it, concocting a brew of her own design. "This basically is pineapple cream soda," she boasts. "It's so fire." Unfortunately, her designs were ultimately thwarted by the bodega's "ass" chip collection, prompting her to go for the SmartFoods Cheddar Corn instead. As far as candy, Shane goes for a fan-favorite, the Sour Patch Watermelons. "This my movie date right here," she proclaims, before taking a closer examination of her beverage selection. 

As Shane originally hails from Atlanta, she understands the importance of regional-exclusive Snapple. As such, she makes sure to cop the "Orangeade" flavor every time she hits the Big Apple, likewise for Dr. Brown's cream soda. "One time, I had two sodas, and only a little bit left, so I just mixed them," she explains. "It taste so great, I was like - this is my thing. I gotta copyright." 

She also opens up about her diet, explaining that she dabbled in pescetarianism before succumbing to the sweet allure of chicken. Perhaps such is a side-effect of living in Atlanta. "The first time I ever had chicken in my life, I was like 'whaaaat have I been missing," she reflects, incredulous. For more from Kodie Shane, be sure to check out the new episode of "Snack Review," exclusively on HNHH TV. 

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