Kodak Black may be a "suburban dude" living in Calabasas but when he's with his son, the Florida comes back out of him. The rapper has spoken at length about his struggles in his music, getting real on Dying To Live. From fraud to robbery to other crimes, Kodak has been in and out of jail for years but it finally looks like he may be ready to turn his life around. Instead of bringing real guns with him to the store, he's toting water guns with his son as little King Khalid Kapri performed a "stick-up" at Domino's Pizza.

The little boy banged on the door when he tried to get the attention of an employee to let him in. Finally, he walks up to the window and points a water gun right at the employee. The man plays along, putting his hands up before King Khalid demands to be handed a telephone for some reason. The phone conversation is inaudible but something cracks up the employee before the child goes into full robbery mode, pulling the trigger a few times only for nothing to come out. "Take that phone out yo hand," asks King Khalid after handing it to the man.

Hopefully, Kodak teaches his son that there are more viable means to get your money up. With Bill K. Kapri turning his life around, he should be a better role model for his son these days.