Kodak Black was having a pretty good start to 2018 up until last week. At the top of the year, the rapper managed to settle two pending lawsuits and was dropping a heap of new music and videos including  one for "Roll In Peace" featuring fellow Floridian, XXXTENTACION. However, things went south a little over a week a go after the rapper was arrested on gun and drug charges after police raided his home. Since then, there's been a handful of updates but there hasn't been anything indicating that the rapper will be free any time soon. However, having a good lawyer could sometimes get you out of situations like that and that seems to be the case with Kodak's legal representative.

According to TMZ, Kodak Black's lawyer, Bradford Cohen, thinks his recent arrest was suspicious and is ready to question the police officers on what happened that evening. According to their sources, Cohen is particularly curious as to why there hasn't been any body cam footage of the arrest for child neglect, weed possession and grand theft of firearms. Apparently, he's also wondering why there was a gang task force assigned to conduct the arrest. 

Cohen has reportedly filed legal documents to have the three officers that were involved with Kodak Black's arrest deposed to make sure that his arrest was done properly.

Shortly after Kodak's arrest, it was reported the Florida rapper was arrested after an Instagram live broadcast showed him and the people at his home rolling blunts and toting guns while a child was around.

We'll keep you updated on more information pertaining to Kodak's legal situation.