Kodak Black's unrequited hate for Lil Wayne culminated in the rapper going head to head with Reginae Carter, who proudly stood up for her father, while he loaded up a response of his own. While that day may never come, what was said was said, and Kodak Black will likely have to face those consequences somewhere down the road.

The boiling tension has resulted in the Mahalia Jackson Theater calling upon the New Orleans PD to chaperone an upcoming Kodak Black concert in the city center. Even though Lil Wayne spends the majority of his time, toiling in his adoptive home of Miami, New Orleans remains to this day, Weezy's unrelinquished place of worship.

The concert promoters fear the locals might riot if Kodak Black steps out of line during his concert booking next week. The Mahalia Jackson Theater is located right in the center of New Orleans' famed Louis Armstrong Park.

For added context, Lil Wayne drew Kodak Black's ire last week at Miami's LIV Nightclub, with the Miami native fully-expecting Weezy to show up and dap him up. When he didn't, things turned sour progressively fast. "You should've died when you was a baby," Kodak shouted into the crowd, after labeling Lil Wayne a "maggot" with the music brought to a standstill.