Florida rapper Syko Bob, known for his close affiliation to Kodak Black and the Sniper Gang, was reportedly targeted in a shooting in Lauderhill this week. According to multiple reports, three people, including Syko Bob, were rushed to a hospital by a witness after the vehicle they were riding in was shot up in broad daylight. 

The victims were brought to a Broward-area medical center. All three of them are in stable condition and are expected to be released soon. Syko Bob, along with the two other victims, was reportedly shot and their car was riddled with bullets. The witness who drove them to the hospital, Tristan Johnson, said the following, "I could hear one of the guys, you could hear the blood in his throat like as he's talking so I'm trying to hurry up and get [to the hospital.] If it was me and someone shot me and I needed help I would want someone to take me as well."

The victims have reportedly refused to cooperate with the police but an investigation will continue.

Syko Bob went live shortly after getting shot at, taunting the people who fired the shots on Instagram.

At the beginning of this month, Kodak Black was reportedly targeted by hitmen in a shooting attempt. He responded to the shooting by claiming that people were trying to set him and his team up. "I Hate You N***as Got My Name Gettin Airplay Out Here When I Ain’t Come Home On No B.S," he wrote on Twitter. "Got These [Cops] Pullin Down On My People Throwin Hints Out There & Sh*t. I Ain’t On Nothing."

Watch Syko Bob's IG Live below.