Yesterday, Project Baby 2 rapper Kodak Black was arrested on seven charges, including grand theft of firearm, two counts of possession of weapon or ammo, possession of marijuana over twenty-grams, child neglect, and two counts of probation violation. Police actually raided his house during an Instagram live session; footage can be seen in the initial report here. The sudden nature of Kodak's arrest has led many to wonder what exactly tipped off the cops; suspicions were particularly high considering the fact that Kodak was seemingly embroiled in some beef with several Florida rappers.

Now, TMZ has claimed that police were originally prompted to action after witnessing a video from one of Kodak's Instagram Live sessions. Apparently, someone observed a video of several man rolling and smoking joints in Kodak's bathroom, all while "playing with a handgun." The report also claims that Kodak's child was brought into the bathroom, where he was allegedly "inches" away from both the joint and the weapon. Police claim that Kodak didn't do anything to remove the child from any potential danger. 

According to TMZ's report, police got a search warrant after seeing weed strewn about in plain view. When they raided Kodak's mansion, they found nearly one hundred grams of marijuana in the closet. Not only that, but police also found a stolen Beretta handgun in Kodak's office. It doesn't look good for Kodak, who has been facing legal troubles for a minute now. Here's hoping the young rapper can get his mind right, as his raw talent will do him little good if he's swept into the system.