While we're unsure of how Kodak Black has access to Instagram in prison, we're glad to be hearing from him. The Florida rapper shared an update on his legal situation today via Instagram and he does not seem happy. Project Baby posted a photo of his mugshot on the social media website, revealing that he had been moved today. "I don’t understand why these ppl put me in this square ass pc dorm today all of a sudden," wrote Kodak. While it is often a regular process for high-profile prisoners to be kept as far apart as possible from everybody else, the Floridian is not fond of the special treatment he's gotten.

Kodak continued in the since-deleted post, "I been here bout 3 months. Bitch I’m a sniper put me back in the jungle, I ain’t on this weak ass shit, I’m from the projects." While he may be used to having people continually come after him, the move was likely to keep his safety in mind. As he absolutely does not want to be painted as being soft, Kodak is denying his role in the move by affirming his "G" status, writing, "Trying to assassinate A N---a character & shit. Bitch I’m a whole G out chea #StayWokeTheyBeCreeping." 

The rapper is currently in prison for marijuana and gun charges and has been in and out of solitary confinement this month. The switch to protective custody has not impressed Kodak as he seems to be just fine fending for himself. Hopefully, his situation is sorted out and he becomes a free man shortly.