Kodak Black says he is going to stay out of the hood following his latest legal trouble which left him spending time in Broward County Jail for trespassing on New Year’s Eve. Kodak discussed the incident during a video on Instagram, Saturday.

“You know what, stay out the hood,” he said in the clip. “Everything that I was trying to do, I always keep the hood in my mix. I always steady slide back to the hood. I don’t need to be going through there. I don’t need to be through there. But how can you tell a n***a who really from the streets, who really doing his shit, really did my shit out there."

Kodak Black, The Hood
Christopher Polk / Getty Images

He added: “N****s know what the fuck going on with me. They can never bash me, never say, ‘Oh I can’t come back to the hood.’ Never gonna say, ‘Oh yeah he ain’t been back to the hood in a long time’… All that other shit, that over with.”

Kodak was released on a $25 bond for violating a cease-and-desist letter from the local Housing Authority which was upset with Kodak for bringing 100 air conditioning units to Golden Acres Projects, last year.

Check out Kodak's live stream below.