Attentions all ladies, Pompano Beach's most eligible bachelor is looking for more than just "Netflix and chill." Kodak Black's life has been in flux lately. Next month, the Florida rapper will stand in court to face a charge of criminal sexual conduct for an incident that allegedly took place after one of his shows. The Pompano Beach emcee opened up on Instagram Wednesday, saying he wants to fall in love with somebody -- "a love baby that gonna listen." 

"Real shit dog, 'cause ya'll little bitches [...] ya'll don't listen," Kodak said. "But anyway, I got me a little puppy [...] 'cause he gonna listen [...] I'll be like 'sit down,' he sit down."

The lovelorn rapper said he feels like a fraud when he works on tracks about real relationships. He wants to spend some quality time watching Netflix with a girl. He bemoans that he can't just lay in bed and talk without feeling the overpowering need to have sex with a girl.

"I ain't gonna cheat, I ain't finna making no moves," he said. "We could watch Netflix, watch TV. We could eat oranges, we could drink orange soda, get in the pool."

In another IG post, the teenager complained about a pimple on his cheek.