Kodak Black, who is notorious for his unending legal troubles that have stemmed in multiple arrests, is now being sued by a concert promoter who tried to book him for an event.

TMZ is reporting that Corey Minnifield has filed a lawsuit against the "Tunnel Vision" for failing to appear at a gig he'd been booked to perform, even though he had already cashed his cheque in advance of his absence. Black was scheduled as a musical guest at one of Minnifield's events on February 28, 2017, which was the same day he was arrested for violating his probation. The promoter then rescheduled the rapper for another event that he also failed to show up at. Minnifield is suing Black for $45,000, which was the original lump sum he was paid for his performance that never materialized.

However, Minnifield is not the only club promoter who has some issues with Black's unreliability when being scheduled for an event. Nicholas Fitts has also fired a letter to Black legal representatives for failing to appear at a March 3 show in New York for being incarcerated once again. The performance was then moved to April 15 and 19 of last year, but Black was unable to attend either gig due to being arrested for a probation violation stemming from an ill-advised trip to a strip club. 

Fitts has revealed he's lost nearly $123,000 in booking fees because of Black, and wants the rapper to pay up before this becomes a more serious legal matter.