After his triumphant release from prison earlier this year, Kodak Black has been taking things slowly. We have yet to hear a new Kodak project but it will very likely arrive before the end of the year. During his departure from society, there were a few rappers that began to see some success with a similar sound to that of Florida's Project Baby. While he chooses not to name names, Kodak may be referring to GlokkNine, Cash Money's newest artist. GlokkNine has spoken at length about the comparisons he's drawn to Kodak but this appears to be one of the first instances that Heartbreak Kodak snaps back.

Before providing updates on his upcoming book, Kodak tweeted about people that have been stealing his bars. While he doesn't blame the individuals that go unmentioned since, in his words, "Who Wouldn't Wanna B Great," he does seem to be bothered that others are banking on his signature twang. He goes past the stealing bars issue by accusing somebody of copping his entire style, writing, "Ion Even Wanna Upload Lol N---as Be Tryna Steal My Whole Lil Rundown..."

As he continues to live a celibate lifestyle, he updated fans that he went on a date the other night and "it was awesome." Perhaps Kodak will go more into detail on people jacking his flow in the book he will be releasing soon, which he promises is written by himself without the use of a ghostwriter.