Kodak Black's forthrightness can be beguiling, just as often as his behavior can be repulsive in the darkest of times. With that said, Kodak Black's latest Twitter posting embodies neither of those characteristics, in spite of the fact the quip he makes about the death penalty is sure to cause the slightest bit of friction. At face value, Kodak Black is doing for his public image what he should have undertaken long ago: the usurpation of all feelings associated with his "finesse kid" past. Unlike Bill Cosby, the warden did not place him on a keto diet, but a regimen conducive of emotional distress.

"The Streets Thin Na Cuz Everybody Gettin Hung .. Lawyers Sittin Back Suckin All A N---a Funds #SG #10TOESDOWN," Kodak Black captioned the Tweet clipped together with a picture of him posing in a prison jumper.

Last we heard of Kodak (last week) he or the person in charge of his Instagram feeder, posted a mysterious memo in which he appeared to be counting his material blessings under the watchful eye of God: whips, jewelry, and a steady flow of female subjects. Evidently, these things are off limits to the 22-year old rapper, because unlike Bill Cosby, Kodak Black's insistence on carrying live ammunition has rendered him a most conspicuous type of criminal in the eyes of the Feds: an outlaw who answers to no one but himself.