Known for oversharing on social media, Kodak Black took to Instagram again on Thursday. Camera phone in hand, the Florida rapper went MTV Cribs and took his followers on a tour of his new house.

"A see-through shower so my little baby can take a shower and I can see her," said the "Project Baby" rapper while showing off his private quarters.

The place is still sort of bare except for palm trees, two garages, several TV monitors and a sound system. He even has a TV in a bathroom. It features a cool fountain streaming into a swimming pool. Marble floors lead to his family members' rooms. An elderly lady -- perhaps his mother -- shows up in the video.

Kodak even owns a golf course in the backyard, where he says he intends on playing the sport.

"A new Tiger Woods, you hear me," he says in the video while his brother and a neighbor hang out in a cart.