It’s been more than two years since YNW Melly was arrested for double homicide after he was accused of killing his two partners, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. YNW Melly is currently awaiting his trial in jail, but Bobby Shmurda’s release as well as Trump’s pardoning of Kodak Black have sparked a debate as to whether or not Melly should be released. While some fans want Melly to be released so the rapper can continue to make music, others are confident that he is responsible for the two killings and should rightfully remain in jail.

On Friday, Kodak Black took to Instagram to express his feelings about freeing Melly. A photo of Kodak and a fan wearing a #FreeMelly shirt was posted to Melly’s Instagram, likely by management or a friend.

Kodak also posted a series of photos to his own Instagram alongside the caption #FreeMelly, showing off his car, new clothes, and his girlfriend.

Kodak was released from prison on January 20th following a swift presidential pardon from Donald Trump. Trump pardoned a few other rappers, including Lil Wayne, before his presidential term was over, wiping their federal charges clean. While Kodak doesn’t have any more federal charges hanging over his head, he is still facing a sexual assault charge in South Carolina. 

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