Kodak Black's legal problems have piled up. Although he's behind bars, he has some other legal matters that he must tend to. Unfortunately, because of his incarceration, he can't necessarily fight against these charges in the way he wants to. Earlier this year, Kodak was accused of blowing off a few show dates even though he was contractually obligated to perform. Nicholas Fitts claimed that he booked Kodak for a show in New York City on March 3rd, 2017 but the rapper didn't show. They later agreed for a make-up show in April 2017 but that also failed. But it seems like Fitts is inching closer towards winning his case against the Miami rapper.

According to The Blast, Kodak Black was hit with court papers earlier this week by Nicholas Fitts. The thing is, there wasn't any possibility of Kodak even being able to dodge the case as the process server gave the documents to FDC Miami, the prison where Kodak's in right now. Because Kodak received the papers, now Fitts is getting closer and closer to winning a default judgment in the case.

Even with the papers, Kodak might not even be able to fight this case. The judge denied him bond after the rapper was arrested ahead of Rolling Loud Festival and indicted by a grand jury for allegedly lying on an application to purchase a firearm.