Kodak Black's upcoming show in New Orleans show has a few people shaking in their boots, but the rapper stated on Instagram today that he's moving forward no matter what. The Florida rapper recently got into a heated exchange with Lil Wayne's daughter, Reginae Carter, after dissing Wayne and calling her a slew of unfavorable names. 

"Me and dude had a whole song together then his bald-headed daughter, like -- I fuck with the whole set-up n' shit but don't be coming at me, bruh, 'cause when you come at me, I'm gonna come back," he said on Instagram Live about Reginae Carter's response. "Nobody said nothin' to that little girl, bruh. First of all, nobody said nothin' to your daddy so don't be comin' at me like that. I ain't no shorty, I ain't no peon."

Wayne is treated like a god in his home state of Louisiana, and now that Black is visiting New Orleans to perform, law enforcement is said to be on "high alert" just in case anything goes down. Black was set to perform at the Mahalia Jackson Theater, but concert promoters feared that a riot may break out due to the social media controversy. Today, Black announced that the show was being moved to the House of Blues, and although he could have allowed the promoter to cancel the show while still getting paid, he's going forward with the performance.

"They really wanted to shut my show down, but you know I was like, 'Nah man, I need to do this show 'cause these people over there, they need to see me.' They need to see me 'cause I want to see them, too. Since they was tryin' to shut my show down and not me, I could have still got my money and not even come. I know some of y'all would have did it and stuff like that, but since I love the love, I'll take the hit."