For those of you who fail to remember, there was a point in time when Kodak Black said he wanted to fight Lil Wayne. It seems that the two have put that behind them as Kodak Black confirms that he has music with Lil Wayne on the way.

During the ever so entertaining Instagram Live sessions with the Floridian rapper, he mentioned that he has music with Lil Wayne already recorded. He also mentioned that he's been working to get Future on the track. Considering the fact that all three of them are some of the hottest artists in the South, that collaboration would end up being pretty tight. 

"By the way, I finna get Future... Future need to get on this song me and Lil Wayne on. Me and Tunechi on.. ya nah'm sayin'?" he said during his live session. 

It's an interesting collaboration considering at one point there seemed to be tension between Lil Wayne and Kodak Black. However, Kodak clarified the problems he said he had with the New Orleans rapper. He said that he felt some type of way after Lil Wayne said he had no idea who Kodak Black was. In an interview with the New York Times back in 2016, Weezy was asked if he knew who Lil Yachty, Lil Uzi Vert, Kodak Black or 21 Savage were. He responded, "I swear to God I didn’t know you were saying people’s names just now, so that should probably answer that question. I just do my own thing."

Kodak Black says Lil Wayne was actually the reason why he started writing music and that he grew up on the Hot Boyz. He also says that due to the fact that Wayne has an evident influence on his music, he should've known who he is, especially in comparison to the other artists that were named in the interview. He also went onto say that he didn't want to really scrap Weezy but instead have a "friendly fight."

Hopefully Kodak ends up grabbing Future for the track. 

Check the clip out below: