Just when we thought she couldn't get any bigger, Danielle Bregoli showed up in the latest Kodak Black video. The girl responsible for the viral catchphrase "Cash me ousside, how bow dah?" is the only person to appear in the "Everything 1K" video, which dropped last week. Though Danielle's video is blowing up -- now with over 10 million YouTube views -- Kodak wants his fans to know that her version is not the "official music video" for his Lil B.I.G. Pac song. 

Danielle's team had already confirmed that she did the video for free, as she used it to promote her new "Cash Me Ousside" merch line. She apparently shot the video without Kodak's consent, but upon reaching out, the Florida rapper gave her the OK to put it up -- obviously aware that he was dealing with a viral sensation. 

Kodak was displeased, however, when he saw that Danielle had posted the video as if it were the official version, thus suggesting that he had come up with the whole idea, his rep tells TMZ. Danielle's video is still up, though it is no longer dubbed the official "Everything 1K" music video. According to Danielle's camp, the mislabeling was an accident, though they made note of the immediate success that her unofficial video has already achieved. 

One should also notice that the logo for Sniper Gang, a newly launched brand of Kodak Black's, appears at the start of Danielle's video. So while Kodak may want to distance himself from the teenage meme queen, he also seems to realize that she has the power to give him some worthwhile exposure. If Kodak is to drop an official "Everything 1K" video, he'll have to get creative with it in order to outperform the unofficial version.