During his brief stint in the hip-hop community's spotlight, Kodak Black has undergone some massive changes. From his stint in jail (which featured some time spent working on his life skills) to the continued evolution of his sonic sensibilities, the Florida native has definitely been someone who is willing to adapt different parts of himself accordingly. As per a new Instagram live video that he conducted today with his fans, that also includes his hair style. In a word: Kodak has gone blond.

That's right: his ebony locks are a thing of the past, with the rapper going for a lighter shade of hair these days. As far as the video's footage is concerned, he hasn't actually cut any of his hair off or altered the structural style in any way. Instead, there's just a fresh coat of paint that's been slapped onto his now-iconic look. The comments on his Instagram feed during the live video session were coming fast and furious, with the vote seemed to be split among those who tuned in. Some were in favor of the new doo, while others could only ask "WTF?" What do you think? Check out the video below.

In other Kodak Black news, he and Plies are set to drop a joint mixtape tomorrow (October 31st). It will be the third major project he's put his name on this year, after Painting Pictures and Project Baby 2. The name of the tape will be F.E.M.A, which stands for for "Finesse. Elevate. Motivate. Achieve." No other pertinent information was made available today, other than the fact that it will be live on LiveMixtapes as of 7 a.m. 

Plies has been also been teasing his Purple Heart project, which has been in the hopper since 2013. Though that release still hasn't seen the light of day, he's still put out some interesting mixtapes, including Ain't No Mixtape BIH 1 & 2. The rapper hasn't delivered an actual studio album since 2010, but with his new venture alongside Kodak Black almost upon us, maybe it will mark a return to the game for him as well.

Which are you more stoked about: Kodak Black's upcoming tape or his new hair? Let us know in the comments.