Instead of letting the steam blow over, Florida rapper Kodak Black's first moves after pleading guilty to charges related to his sexual assault case in South Carolina were to let the world know that he got off without needing to register as a sex offender. "Ain’t gotta register as a sex offender or nun, shit that’s a play if you ask me," bragged the 23-year-old on Twitter. "Y’all got me fucked up I ain’t dat freaky homie."

After reports that he allegedly left bite marks on his victim after she refused to have a sexual relationship with him, this was a pretty savage and unapologetic way to respond to a serious situation like this. Getting off easy with eighteen months of probation and avoiding any additional jail time, Kodak went on to send his thoughts to rape victims around the world, claiming that he's "too fly" and "too gangsta" to ever sexually assault somebody. He also retweeted a fan who said that people need to stop "doing f*ck shit" to Kodak and then "act" like they're the victim, to which he added, "Forreal."

While this could have been a situation in which Kodak only pled guilty to put the case behind him and avoid a long prison sentence, it has turned many of his fans against him. The same people that were yelling "Free Kodak" a few months ago are conflicted now and Cancel Culture seems to be catching up to Yak quickly

You can see what people are saying about this latest ripple in Kodak's story below. What do you think about him pleading guilty?