It’s looking like Kodak Black is in a much better head space than where he was at a couple weeks ago. If you missed it, the Florida rapper made headlines earlier this month when he said he thought he might die at prison following the “cruel & unethical” treatment he was receiving from the guards. He claimed to have been drugged, beaten and denied food and medical attention among other basic needs, and expressed his fear that he would end up dead if these circumstances continued. Well hopefully things have changed because he is apparently in a better spirit according to his lawyer Bradford Cohen.

Kodak’s lawyer recently visited the Florida rapper and gave fans an update on his Instagram yesterday, saying that his client is in good spirits right now. He says he is reading a lot and working on a new project at the moment as well.

“It was good to see him and he was in good spirits. He is working on new projects and reading. He wants to thank all of you for the support,” Kodak’s lawyer wrote as his caption while sharing the pic from outside the prison (see below).

This report comes just days after learning the release date for Kodak Black. The Florida rapper is scheduled to be released from prison on August 14th, 2022.