Kodak Black decided to focus on becoming a better man ever since he came out the joint. After his release from prison, the rapper went on to deliver a notable project, earning the respect of both his peers and his fans. Even Drake asked him for creative process tips. Black took a well-deserved break after all the hard work he put into his comeback. The entertainer chose to chill out with a spa day. His obtention of a passport was also a cause for celebration. 

The rapper's enthusiasm is warranted considering how difficult it can be for convicted felons to get a passport in the United States. He is also awaiting trial on a first-degree criminal sexual conduct. This pending felony charge would usually entail being disqualified. Somehow, Kodak managed to get his application approved.

He posted a picture to commemorate the moment, along with a short clip. "They Finally Gave The Sniper A Passport," he wrote in the caption. "Ain’t Nothing Or Nobody Gone Hold Me Back No More #F*ckYa Catch Me In Da Air" 

Later he uploaded snippets of his luxury grooming sessions including a pedicure and facial. "I Use To Think This Shit Was Feminine Until I Start #LivingMyBestLife," he admitted in one caption.